Dragon’s Altar

$ 325

This effect was inspired by Okito’s Triangular Mystery which is quite literally a masterpiece of magic apparatus and one of the most beautiful effects in magic.

The performer displays a small stand on which rest three thin flat wooden panels. The panels are removed, one at a time, and set on a low triangular base, elevated on three brass feet. The performer then “summons” the spirit of three ancient dragons and immediately a solid brass pillar with three different dragons is removed from the center of the triangle!

The mechanical part of this prop is exquisitely made and designed. There are no swinging or moving loads of any kind.

Each set is delicately hand-crafted from teak and each panel is adorned with beautiful brass plaque with an engraved dragon motif; even the craftsmanship and antique finish of the dragons perched on a pillar are truly remarkable.

Each panel is 8.5cms wide, 11cms high and only 4mm thick.

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