The Golden Sphinx

$ 125

Charming and Different Close-Up Magic!

The performer shows a small round platform with an Egyptian Sphinx Statue. Five different objects are then placed around the platform. These can be ESP cards, Tarot cards or any small borrowed objects from spectators. The performer turns his back and asks anyone to think of one of the objects and turn the Sphinx so it faces towards the chosen object. The lid is then placed over to completely conceal the Sphinx. Now, the performer turns around and correctly announces the chosen object!

Everything can be completely examined before, during and after the effect!
The performer never touches the platform, the cover or the Sphinx statue at any time during the routine!
The effect can be immediately repeated with the Sphinx facing to a different location!

The platform measures approximately 8cms in diameter with 6.5cms in height.

5 Good Luck Charms (as pictured) are all included. The piece in the center was individually handcrafted from dried natural starfish therefore may vary in size, shape and color.

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