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Without question, I-Know is one of the finest solutions for the classic “which hand is the object in” ever devised.

The feature that elevates this above all other contemporary versions is in the fact that the effect can now be done from across the room AND using only borrowed items!

I-Know is an electronic device which does all the work for you under these fair conditions:

It will allow you to use ordinary objects that can be borrowed from the audience (Coins, Rings, Keys, etc.)
You are absolutely nowhere near the spectator during the performance.
The effect can be immediately repeated with other borrowed objects.
With the hidden vibrating receiver, it enables you to perform the entire feat legitimately blindfolded.

Below are just a few routines possible with I-Know:

“Which Hand” with a borrowed ring & a borrowed bank note: While the performer’s back is turned, a spectator is invited to conceal a folded bank note in one hand and a ring in her other hand. Before the performer even turns around, he is able to reveal which hand has the bank note and which hand holds the ring!

“Premonition” with a copper coin & a silver coin:
The performer hands anyone a sealed prediction and asks a spectator to freely select one of the coins and place it into one of his pockets. Once done, he is asked to take another coin and hide it in another pocket. The performer instantly reveals which coins are in which pockets, despite having his back turned throughout and being well away from the spectator! Not only that, the performer points out that he actually knew, way in advance, what the outcome of this experiment would be. The spectator is now asked to open the sealed prediction and read it aloud. It correctly states which of the coins he would place in which pockets!

“Remote Viewing” with a spectator’s key & three bottle caps: Four spectators are invited to take one item each and conceal it behind their back. The performer knows exactly who is holding the key from the other side of the room!

At its essence, I-Know will enable you to detect all metals, ferrous or non-ferrous. It is the first completely wireless metal detector that was designed specifically for the magic industry.

Here are a few examples of the objects that can be used with I-Know:

a spectator’s ring & a borrowed bank note
a borrowed coin & a candy
a spectator’s key & a penny
a borrowed lighter & a cigarette
a spectator’s iPhone & his driver’s license
a beer bottle cap & a water bottle cap
a soda tab & a rubber band
a Swiss Army Knife & toothpick
a nut & bolt
a nail & a twig
a borrowed thumb drive & its protective cap
a paper clip & a crumpled paper ball

There are still many other ordinary objects possible with I-Know. You’re limited only by your imagination!

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