Majestic Hydro Die

$ 225

Special thanks to Mr. Andy Martin for suggesting the ideas & consultations.

This effect was popularized by the magician Howard Schwarzman in the 80’s and it is still one of the best and most mystifying underwater close-up vanishes in magic.

The performer displays a clear cylinder, a cover, a lid and
a die, along with a small vial of water. The die is dropped into the cylinder and it is filled with water, in full view of the audience. The cover is then placed over and the lid placed on top.

Now, the performer lifts the cover slightly allowing one last look at the die and calls attention to the fact that nothing can get near the die without getting wet. He then snaps his fingers and removes the lid and cover showing the die has vanished completely. It is G O N E! There’s nothing but clear water in the cylinder.

The spectator is then invited to pour the water back into the vial, confirming the die to be truly gone, and this is no optical illusion! The die has just mysteriously disappeared into nothingness and all the parts can be left for examination.

Majestic Hydro Die stands about 6” tall, including solid brass feet.

This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed sets ever produced. The photos do not do this beautiful apparatus justice.

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