The Sorcererís Chest II

$ 599.95

A complete sell-out at FISM 2012 in Blackpool!

An antique chest and five vintage gold ornate frames are displayed. While the performerís back is turned, a spectator is invited to freely select her favorite painting and place it inside the chest. Before the performer even turns around, he deliberately give a spectator a few brief remarks about the type of person that might find that painting appealing and finally describes the exact details of a spectatorís painting without touching or even looking at the chest! This may be repeated again and again and the performer, of course, needs never see nor touch the chest to make the divination.

The beautiful frames included will come with famous paintings from Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali, C. M. Coolidge and Pierre Auguste Renoir. These paintings can be removed and replaced with any pictures to suit your routines and preferences.

The nice thing about it is that you are absolutely nowhere near the chest during the performance and the receiver can give you both visual and vibrating signal, plus you can use up to 99 different objects at the same time and up to 15 different vibration signals!

By utilizing our programmable RFID system, each RFID tag can be programmed with its own number with no need for a computer, any special software or any technical knowledge! Our system has also been designed to be compatible with any 125 kHz RFID tags which are generally available on the market.

The chest measures approximately 11cms wide, 10cms high and 8cms deep and completely hand-crafted the old fashioned way with a lightly distressed antique finish.

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