Signed Coin Thru Glass

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With permission from Mr. Hank Lee and based on the original effects: Jack Hughes’s Visible Coins In Glass & Bob Kline’s Copenetro, our design team has created one of the finest solutions for the classic Coins In Glass effect ever devised.

A shot glass is shown empty and placed on a small wooden stand. A larger glass is inverted over the shot glass isolating it from everything. The performer then borrows a coin and has it marked for later identification. He now takes the coin and slowly taps the bottom of the inverted glass with it. On the performer’s command, the coin is visibly pushed right through the bottom of the inverted glass and a loud clink is heard…a coin is seen in the shot glass! A spectator now removes the big glass and the shot glass and confirms that there truly is the very same, marked coin inside!

With our cleverly designed loading system:

The coin can be borrowed and marked by the spectator!
It can be used with a Half dollar, a Quarter or a Nickel!
The stand can be shown from all sides before and after the effect!

Signed Coin Thru Glass is completely hand-crafted of genuine teak and it is an instant performable collector’s piece of magic!

Due to the high labor intensity in building this effect, our Signed Coin Thru Glass is offered only in very limited quantity. Please contact us before ordering to confirm availability.

Out of Stock
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