Dream Prediction Box

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This is an amazing prediction effect performed with a regular pack of cards and an elegant hand-crafted box.

Each set is made from Triple Burl which has a sophisticated three-dimensional grain pattern.

On the table there is an elegant wooden box and the performer explains that the box contains a prediction written on a folded sheet of paper. The spectator is invited to open the box and to remove the prediction. He then signs the prediction so that it can not be switched and places it back in the box and replaces the lid. The spectator is then given a deck of cards to examine, thoroughly shuffle and cut the cards anywhere he wishes. The performer now asks the spectator to open the box. The spectator himself removes the prediction which still has his signature on it. Unbelievably, the prediction inside the box perfectly matches the card that the spectator himself just seconds ago legitimately shuffled and cut to!

The box remains in full view at all times!
The pack of cards used is completely normal!
The effect can be repeated with a different outcome each and every time!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

Out of Stock
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