The Whispering Gargoyle

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The performer displays mini Gargoyle statue and a stand including three little covers. The spectator is asked to place the Gargoyle in any of the recessed in the stand and then replace the covers. This is, of course, completely out of the view of the performer. Once this is done, the performer turns around and announces the location of the Gargoyle with unerring accuracy. The covers are then lifted to reveal that the performer is absolutely correct!

The effect can be immediately repeated and it can be performed surrounded. The stand is ingeniously gaffed and completely mechanical in operation!

No outside gimmicks of any kind, entirely self-contained.
No threads or marking systems involved.
No shadow technique.
No weight difference or balance points used.
No peeking of any kind, the covers are truly opaque.

It is an exquisite piece of close-up magic apparatus that works unlike any other. The miniature Gargoyle statue has been delicately handcrafted and individually made by the artist. The decor on the stand features a striking inlay around the edge; even the little covers are beautiful and exquisitely made with a tiny brass handle. The set is exceptionally gorgeous!

Completed with an extra statue in earth brown color.

Out of Stock
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