The Swords of Damocles


Special thanks to Mr. Martin Breese for the descriptions and the name of this effect.

The performer shows a small, hinged cabinet, hand-crafted from rare and solid teak. The cabinet is opened and a solid sheet of brass is placed inside. A piece of paper is placed over the sheet of brass and the lid is closed. Next, three miniature, antique-style brass swords are displayed. One by one the three swords are pushed right through the cabinet.

It is clear that the swords have penetrated both the paper and the sheet of brass. As soon as the swords are withdrawn, the paper is removed and the spectators can see right through the three holes made by the swords. When the cabinet is opened, the brass sheet is still in place yet completely undamaged. The miniature swords have magically penetrated the solid sheet of brass!

The brass swords have been delicately and individually hand-crafted by a highly skilled metal artisan. Each cabinet is hand-crafted of genuine teak and finally completed with a hand-applied oil and lacquer finish.

This is the very first item from our range to feature a unique two-tone teak finish.

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