Enigma Frame

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Based on an idea of Jimmy Hearsumís Framed; our design team has created a much smaller version to be used for regular Poker size card.

The mechanism has been carefully re-designed and handcrafted into the frame construction. It is a perfect example of our fine craftsmanship.

The uses for this piece of apparatus are limited only by your imagination. Hereís just one of the simple routines that you can perform with this cleverly-designed mechanical frame:

A spectator is invited to place a Joker inside the envelope and select a card from the deck - say the Jack of Diamonds. The envelope is then placed in full view, never covered in a small wooden frame. The envelope never leaves their sight, not even for an instant. The spectator now takes a marker and signs the envelope to assure that it cannot be switched. Despite this, the signed envelope is later removed and the spectator opens it himself to find the Joker has now transformed into the Jack of Diamonds!

This is unquestionably one of the most deceptive switching devices in magic!

Out of Stock
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