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Dvaravati Ka Cha

This type of beautiful exotic engravings on the gold tea kettles are only used in ceremonies involving the pouring of lustral water to convey blessing or to ask forgiveness. At the time, only royalty and the highest officials could afford, and were later allowed by sumptuary laws, to make widespread use of gold for their jewelry and household items.

This miniature tea kettle is a great replica of the original. Each tea kettle has been hand cast from solid brass instead of real gold, and then exquisitely hand engraved in an antique style by a master craftsman.

This is essentially a stunningly beautiful & miniature version of a classic magic effect with an improved mechanism to make the trick work as smooth as silk for its size.

The performer displays a tea kettle and three empty shot glasses. He then fills each of the glasses but each glass fills with a different colored liquid; red, yellow, and blue! While the spectator wonders where all these color drinks come from, the performer removes the cover and pulls out a multi-colored silk from the kettle - dry! Once the silk is removed, the performer then pours all three glasses of colored liquids back into the kettle, shakes it up and only clear water comes out of the kettle at the end!

This tea kettle is substantial at approximately nineteen and a half ounces of solid brass per kettle! It requires approx. 5-7 days to produce just one of these pieces. Due to an incredible amount of work and time only a few of these were made. It is literally a work of fine art!