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Chalong Card Prediction

From a well-shuffled deck, five cards are placed in an attractive wooden stand with backs of the cards toward the spectator. The performer then mentally selects one of these cards and immediately writes it on a piece of paper. The prediction is then handed to one of the spectators to hold and is never again touched by the performer. A different spectator is asked to call out any number from one to five (The choice is completely free); the other four cards are placed back into the deck leaving only the chosen card on the stand. The spectator removes a card at the chosen number and shown to the audience for verification, and the spectator holding the prediction reads it aloud. To everyone’s surprise, the selected card and prediction match EXACTLY! This card is then placed in the deck which makes a complete deck of cards without any duplicates.

The cards can be examined and freely shuffled by the spectator.
No duplicate predictions or prediction switches, no forcing, no magician’s choice.
The effect can be repeated with a different predicted card.

The card clip is completely hand-crafted from teak with laser engraved numbering and delicately hand-painted in gold and then applied a lacquer finish. The stand has the striking inlay around the edge and finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between. The outfit is absolutely gorgeous!