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The cabinet with three numbers on its face is shown all around and the lid is then lifted. The spectator is invited to place a miniature Skull in any of the recessed in the base of the cabinet and then replace the lid. This is, of course, completely out of the view of the performer. Despite this, the performer turns around and immediately announces the correct location of the Skull! The effect can be immediately repeated and everything can be handled and examined.

The texture of this little cabinet is a great replica of an 18th century shipwreck wood with rusty nails as it was all recovered from sunken vessels in the colonial days. The miniature Skull is delicately made and well finished with contrasting natural color. Each set is of a resin composite material that creates exceptional details and realism.

The cabinet measures approximately 7 wide x 3.5 high x 3 deep.

The photo does not do justice to the aged look and feel of the apparatus!