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Ghost Dice

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A Supernatural Experiment with a Beautifully Designed Apparatus!

A spectator is invited to call out any one of the six spots on a die and as the performer walks away, anyone places the die on a small wooden base with any other number facing up. A clear glass is then inverted over the die and the Lucite cover is placed on top of all. This leaves the die in full view while isolating it from everything. The performer now turns around and advises the audience that they arenít going to believe what they see in the next moment. With that, he shows both hands clearly empty and directs his mental energy to the die isolated in the sealed Lucite case. Suddenly, with nobody near it, the die visibly moves to the chosen number! It is a stunning and inexplicable effect.

The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any of the 6 spots on a die!
The performer is absolutely nowhere near the case before, during and after the effect!
The experiment can be immediately repeated for the same audience!
It can be done surrounded and without the aid of any assistants!

The system is professionally constructed by a team of electronic engineers and the effect can be controlled from up to 75 feet away.

Each wooden base is completely hand-crafted the old fashioned way using natural aged teak logs with a lightly distressed antique finish.

This is also a perfect convincer for any séance or ghost hunting experience!

Out of Stock
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