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Mini Pool Balls Prediction

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Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for suggesting the ideas & consultations.

A beautiful jewelry box with four mini pool balls is displayed. The performer then turns his back and asks a spectator to place each of the pool balls into a different pocket. When this is done, the performer immediately reveals which pool balls are in which pocket without turning around or asking a single question!

This may be repeated again and again and the performer, of course, needs never see nor touch the box to make the divination.

Second Routine:

While the performer’s back is turned, four spectators are each allowed to remove one pool ball and hide it. Before the performer even turns around, he correctly tells each spectator which ball they hold!

The nice thing about it is that the performer is absolutely nowhere near the box during the performance. The information is sensed by the electronics inside the box and transmitted to the performer in up to 25 feet distance.

The box measures approximately 20cms wide, 6.5cms high and 8cms deep and completely hand-crafted from quality recomposed wood veneer with a high-gloss Jewelry Box finish and lined in quality velvet fabric.

The balls are real 1.5 inch pool balls and come complete with a custom display stand.

Please note that the color of the pool balls you receive may vary from the pictures shown.

Out of Stock
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