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Adinkra Necklace

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A wooden easel is shown upon which a beautiful pendant and chain is resting. It remains displayed in full view and the performer never touches the pendant from this point on. Now, the performer asks the spectator to freely choose an Adinkra symbol on the wooden block and talks a bit about the “lucky pendant” he bought during his many travels in Africa. He then shows both hands empty and immediately lifts the pendant out of the easel. To the spectator’s surprise, ENGRAVED on the back of the pendant is the chosen symbol!

What really makes this special is that the effect is entirely self-contained and when the performer lifts the chain to remove the pendant, the pendant never leaves view and the performer never touches the pendant (not even for a moment).

The necklace easel measures approximately16 cm by 23 cm and 1 cm thick and has been completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak wood with beautiful inlay work and a lightly distressed oil finish.

Each pendant measures approximately 5cm by 6cm and 0.8 cm thick and has been delicately and individually hand-crafted by our own artist.

Each natural teak block measures approximately 2.5 cm squared and has been laser engraved with Adinkra symbols.

It is a great and memorable piece of very unique magic!

Out of Stock
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