The Golden Dragon

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Based on a classic Jack Hughes effect, we are pleased to bring you The Golden Dragon.

A beautiful dragon statue along with a mini Bicycle deck of cards is displayed. Three cards are freely chosen and returned to the deck which is shuffled and placed into the lower houlette that the dragon holds. One at a time, the cards are removed from the lower houlette and passed before the dragon’s eye and then dropped into the upper houlette. As this is done, the spectator can call, “stop” anytime he wishes. When he does, any card being held in front of the dragon’s eye is turned around and it is one of the selected cards! This is repeated two more times and the cards stopped at are always the very same cards selected by the spectator!

The nice thing about this is that the card being held in the hand is the chosen card, not the one just dropped into the houlette or the next one removed.

This intricately carved and exquisitely detailed Dragon statue stands approximately 13 inch tall. It is an imposing piece of magic apparatus and could easily be the centerpiece of any magic collection.

The photos do not do justice to this absolutely gorgeous apparatus! This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed items we have ever produced.

The Golden Dragon comes complete with miniature Bicycle deck of cards.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name for this effect.

Out of Stock
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