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The Griffin’s Caddy

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A beautiful wooden box is shown on all sides. The performer then opens the doors showing the box to be completely empty. The doors are then closed and immediately a “gold” Griffin statue is removed from the top of the box! The performer now opens the doors showing the box to be unmistakably empty again and then produces the second “silver” Griffin statue! The kicker ending is that the box is immediately handed out for complete examination!

Each box has a beautiful and unique grain pattern of alternating light and dark stripes. It’s then completely handcrafted with a high-gloss Jewelry Box finish and lined in quality velvet fabric. The Griffin statues have also been delicately and individually hand-crafted by our own artist.

The photos really don’t do this gorgeous apparatus justice!

The box measures approximately 12.5cms square by 12cms high (excluding the brass fittings).

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name for this effect

Out of Stock
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