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The Horus Escape

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The performer displays a beautiful cabinet with no top, front or back and a small ornate block. The block has a hole running through it that corresponds to the holes in the sides of the cabinet. He then displays a golden wand and tells the story of Horus, the Egyptian Falcon God. Now, the block is openly placed into the cabinet where it remains in full view. The wand is then inserted through the holes in the cabinet, impaling the block and locking it in place. Despite the fairness of everything so far, the performer slowly pulls the block right through the wand and completely free of the cabinet with absolutely no cover! The wand, which is clearly seen through the cabinet, is then removed and shown to be perfectly solid. It’s an incredible visual illusion.

This is, unquestionably, one of the prettiest and most visual versions of the classic “Block Release” effect ever created!

The Horus Escape stands approximately 13cms tall and has been delicately and individually hand-crafted with an antique finish by our own exclusive artist.

The entire outfit is extremely detailed, and simply stunning in appearance. The photos do not do justice to this absolutely gorgeous apparatus!

Out of Stock
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