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Double Boxes Discovery

$ 289.95

Two wooden chests are displayed and completely examined by the spectator. He is then invited to open the smaller chest and secretly place any small object inside (A coin, a car key, or even a watch, if desired). The spectator then closes the chest and locks it with a key. This is now placed into a larger chest to assure there is no way the performer can possibly see the contents. Despite the fairness of everything so far, the performer mysteriously waves his hand over the chests for a brief moment and confidently describe the very object without asking a single question! This baffling routine is sure to draw a nice round of applause from the audiences when the performer removes the object from the chest and return it to the spectator.

Both chests are absolutely and truly opaque and solid!
The effect can be immediately repeated and, of course, everything can be completely examined!
Itís diabolical, practical and professional!

The larger chest measures 20cms wide x 10.5cms high x 17cms deep and the smaller one measures 14.5cms wide x 8.5cms high x 11.5cms deep. High gloss lacquered finish.  

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