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Mini Chairs Prediction‏

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With four miniature chairs in a row across the table, three spectators are invited to randomly choose their seat. After the spectators are “seated” in the chair of their choice, three brass plates with a “question mark” symbol on top are introduced. The brass plates are then mixed by one of the spectators and each spectator is given a free choice of one of the plates. The performer points out that each person’s plate has a different color underneath and then, one at a time, reveals that the color affixed to each chair is actually the same color which the spectator is holding! For the surprise finish, all of the chairs are turned around where they find a word “SEATED” which is genuinely engraved on the back of each chair except the one that was left empty!

The chairs and color plates were freely chosen yet the performer has predicted which chair has been chosen, which color the participants have randomly selected and which chair was left empty. A truly amazing prediction with a very clever ending!

No forces.
No magician’s choices.
No special envelopes.
No equivoques.
No stooges.
No pre-show work.
The method can be repeated for the same audiences!

Each chair in each set is made with care and attention, and completely hand-crafted of genuine teak. The workmanship is collectable quality.

Each chair is approximately 2” square and about 4.5” high.

Out of Stock
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