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Robot Wand

$ 250

Robot Wand was a complete sell-out at FISM 2009 in Beijing! This is truly the next generation of a magnetic detection device!

Robot Wand is an electronic accessory which enables you to detect many existing magnetic effects while your hand has never even come close to the object!

The feature that elevates this above all other contemporary versions is in the fact that with the hidden, wireless vibrating unit, it leaves you completely clean from beginning to end. You can perform in short sleeves with no rings or other gimmicks on your hands. In fact, you do not need to touch the wand! You can actually let the spectator handle the wand, yet you still know which cup has the dangerous object such as “Spike” or “Scorpion” under it.

This is a well-designed and deceptive method, and no one will suspect the true secret!

The wand looks perfectly ordinary and is 14” long and 1/2” in diameter, a perfect size for stand-up or close-up use.

Comes complete with a custom designed magnetic chip for the “which hand is the coin in” and “Kurotsuke” effects. This is one where you will be happy with the method as well as the possibilities!

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