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Four Seasons Obelisk

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A small jewelry box along with the golden obelisk depicting a different season on each side are displayed. The spectator is invited to secretly place the obelisk with any one of the seasons of her choice on top into the box and lock it closed. To assure there is no way the performer can possibly peek or try to sneak the box open, he shows BOTH of his hands completely empty and drops the box into a drawstring bag in full view of the audience. Despite the fairness of everything so far, the performer immediately names the selected season and all can be completely examined!

The box is handcrafted with a high-gloss Jewelry Box finish and lined in quality velvet fabrics.

The Four Seasons Obelisk is meticulously crafted by an exceptionally skilled artisan. His carvings are created by hand, using a varied collection of antique and modern tools.

The spring side of the Four Seasons Obelisk is a happy face in the clouds.
The summer side of the Four Seasons Obelisk is a smiling sun with rays extending out.
The fall side of the Four Seasons Obelisk is a lonely face on a leaf.
The winter side of the Four Seasons Obelisk is the face of old man winter.

This distinctive and unique obelisk has the look, feel and weight of true stone.

The Four Seasons Obelisk measures approximately 2.5cms square with 8cms in height.

Out of Stock
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